About us

Quality with 80 years of history


Although the current company was created in 2007, its origins go back several generations, specifically to the 40s, when Julio Orta (grandfather) began to dedicate himself in Fontellas to the cultivation and sale of cereal.

With much effort, he managed to replace his old stables with a tractor (one of the first to arrive in Fontellas) and, already with the help of his two sons, José Ángel and Julio, who joined the company in the 70s, he continued to dedicate himself to cereal.

Years 90-2000

Decades later, and in response to market needs, the Orta brothers became part of the Cooperativa de Labradores de Tudela, although independently. Julio Orta decides to venture into the world of fruit and his son Diego joins the company.

With the change of era, broccoli, cauliflower and artichoke began to work in a new fruit and vegetable cooperative.

21st century

In 2007 the Orta Serrano family created the SAT-695-NA giving continuity to the family tradition.

Five years later, FHF opens a new facility in Fontellas to store and transform the products it grows and markets. It is in these facilities where the company currently has its headquarters.


FHF continues to grow, expand and consolidate its role as a benchmark in the fruit and vegetable sector. We are specialists in broccoli, cauliflower, artichoke with designation of origin and the plant of the latter, with new quality systems that ensure the competitiveness of the company and the expansion of exports.

In 2021, the subsidiary FHF ECO was created to market organic products.

Family origin

"I remember as one of the happiest days of my life the moment my father accepted that I follow in his footsteps and dedicate myself to agriculture"

Diego Orta Serrano has grown up with agriculture in his family since he was a child and since the creation of FHF in 2007 he is the president and director of the company.

Privileged environment

The situation of our farms in the protected Ribera del Ebro makes our products have an unbeatable flavor and texture

From the field to the costumer

We are the producers of all our products. We do not have intermediaries. We supply markets, industries and large surfaces.