Tudela Artichoke Plant

At FHF we are nurserymen for the Blanca de Tudela artichoke plant for individuals, farmers and companies.

Our artichoke plant is endorsed by the official register of producers, traders and importers of seeds and plants.

The artichoke variety that we grow at FHF is the ‘Blanca de Tudela’ artichoke, a variant that is only grown in the Ribera de Navarra and that has a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) certificate, a distinctive granted by the European Union that identifies those products that are produced in a specific geographical area within the EU.

Buy white artichoke plant from Tudela

The FHF team is trained to correctly identify and select the clogs or buds of each plant, to achieve a product of the highest quality.

  • Lots of 40 units. with root ball in sacks
  • Minimum purchase quantity: sacks of 20 units.
  • Served on pallets, tubs and complete trucks
  • Orders are collected during the month of June

The ‘Blanca de Tudela’ variety is grown in up to 33 municipalities located along the Ribera de Navarra. The planting period takes place between July and Augustin order to obtain a quality artichoke.

It is recommended to use a planting frame of between 40 to 50 cm, and to cultivate in a moderately cold environment and with plenty of waterwithout exceeding the ambient humidity.

In addition, the artichoke plant needs a series of nutrients for its correct development, fertilizing the bottom with fum and with a supply of mature compost during the production phase.

Its collection is manual and staggered, and goes from October to June approximately, as long as the cool temperatures at night and possible frosts allow it.

The Artichoke plant from Tudela that we commercialize is the same one that we cultivate and that has the Reyno Gourmet certification "