FHF is the only producer of Artichoke from Tudela with Reyno Gourmet certification

Two stamps that are a symbol of differentiation and a guarantee of quality of our artichoke.

The Artichoke of Tudela is one of the vegetables most revered by lovers of good gastronomy. Called the flower of the garden, it stands out for its tenderness and intense flavor.

Frutas y Hortalizas de Fontellas is the only producer that has both a Reyno Gourmet quality certificate and an I.G.P. from Artichoke from Tudela .

What is Artichoke from Tudela?

The artichoke from Tudela has a extensive tradition in the area of ​​the river capital . Throughout history the farmers of Tudela have carried out an exhaustive selection work to obtain the best crop of the variety called ‘Blanca de Tudela’ . An artichoke that is characterized by its brownish green color, its rounded, slightly ellipsoidal shape and having a hole in the upper part. Its stem usually measures between 15 and 20 cm and is as appreciated as its fruit. It lacks vilanos (fluff that surrounds the seeds) and can boast of being the most tender and tasty .

Among other varieties of artichokes are the hybrids, grown mainly in the Granada area, whose production takes place throughout the year; or the violet artichoke, a variety that is characterized by the violet hue of its leaves and that is exported mostly to France and Italy.

Where and when is it grown?

Endorsed by the Protected Geographical Indication , the Artichoke from Tudela variety is cultivated in up to 33 municipalities of the Ribera concentrated in the affluence zone of the river capital.

Its planting takes place from the beginning of July to August and it is harvested in a staggered manner between autumn and spring . Depending on the atmospheric conditions of each year there may be up to a third outbreak during the month of July.

Its harvesting is carried out manually , collecting the best specimens depending on their state of maturity. For sowing, an artichoke plant of the ‘Blanca de Navarra’ crop is used from nurseries with official registration of producers, merchants and importers of seeds and plants.

What is the IGP certificate?

The Protected Geographical Indication is one of the quality regimes of the European Union that identifies a product by its place of origin . In the case of Artichoke from Tudela, this product is identified with the highest level of European recognition within the denominations of quality products. The IGP is limited to three cases:

  1. Artichoke crops on land in the municipalities of the determined geographical area
  2. Traders of fresh vegetables who are in one of the towns of the production region
  3. The canning factories with the headquarters in Navarra that are in charge of transforming and marketing the ‘heads’ of the artichokes to cultivate the ‘Blanca de Tudela’

What is Reyno Gourmet?

It is a brand created by the Government of Navarra in 2007 that endorses agri-food products with quality certification from the Foral Community , promoting a common image that favors the implementation and identification of these products on the market, promoting their notoriety and prestige among consumers.

This brand brings together about 2,440 references from more than 100 companies, which includes the Reyno Gourmet logo on its label, a symbol of distinction and quality.

Other quality seals of FHF Artichoke

But these are not the only distinctive features that differentiate our artichokes. FHF also has the quality seal of Artichoke from Spain , an association that focuses its efforts on making the benefits of artichoke cultivation visible. In addition all our products are certified by the Global Gap , a global organization whose purpose is to guarantee good agricultural practices.